World's First Metaverse Survey Platform

From research data collection to data sales, SoT will ee booming your profits!
The real world mapped on metaverse!
SoT NFT Research Asset located in famous landmarks around the world!
Enjoy more fun & convenient research and surveys through SoT NFT!
From research data collection to data sales, SoT will ee booming your profits!
The real world mapped on metaverse!
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1.2 mil.Total number of SoTs
10KSoTs available for sale
FingeRate 2.0 - First Ever Metaverse Platform with Utility

Let's get to know about SoT (Satisfaction of Things)

My own digital assets

  • Research & survey NFT assets in the “FingeRate metaverse” that maps the real world as it is
  • In case of purchasing an SoT, the surrounding land of 1 km² is also yours
  • Conducting various research & surveys through request basis
  • SoT owners can also do surveys, and collect & sell datasets!
Avatar holding phone with SoT App

All of these profits come with one SoT!

Profit Generation

  • 50% of survey request fee
  • 50% of data sales
  • 50% of reward processing fee
  • profit at resale

FingeRate Flow

Anyone can purchase their desired SoT easily and conveniently
Avatar with SoT device
Survey request from a third party, such as an individual or company/institution
Conduct survey by GG56 or SoT owner her/himself
Avatars representing Business Person and GG56
Earn rewards for participating in various surveys/researches
Avatar interacting with SoT App and recieving SoM
Statistical data available after completion of survey
GG56 Avatar collects and analyzes data
Securing and utilizing statistical data from surveys on SoT
Selling data collected/processed from surveys on SoT
Survey requster recieves data, GG56 prepares data for sale
Satisfaction of Things, a win-win for everyone!
All parties recieve benefits from using FingeRate 2.0
SoT Owner
FingeRate User
Survey Requester

SoT Price List! (Pre-Sale)

$ 2000

The rarest SoTs at the Top 1% in the world, where surveys are participated by the most number of people

Rarest 1% of the total SoTs installed around the world

$ 1000

SoTs installed in a public square, station, airport, or city with a population of 1 million+, including major landmarks around the world

20% of the total SoTs installed around the world

$ 750

SoTs installed in a lively metropolis with an average population of 500,000+

40% of the total SoTs installed around the world

$ 500

SoTs installed in beautiful and sophisticated cities with an average population of 100,000+

30% of the total SoTs installed around the world

$ 300

SoTs with collectible value, such as places with special meanings or places with your own memories

9% of the total SoTs installed around the world

Special discount for bundle orders of 10 or more SoT!! Contact us for more

Interested to know more?

SIGNIS World Congress - A festival of the Catholics from all over the world at FingeRate!

Signis gathering in the FingeRate Metaverse

Through this MOU, GG56 Korea will provide technical support for the construction of a metaverse platform for the 2022 Seoul SIGNIS World Congress, which will be held from August 16 to 22 under the theme of “Peace in the Digital World.”

SIGNIS 배경 및 목적 Yahoo News

SoTs operating in the real world

photo of Chuncheon Gugok Falls
photo of Chuncheon Skywalk
photo of YBM Language School Jongno Head Office

The evolution of FingeRate continues (Patent History)

Virtual currency-based offline mileage payment system
location-based metaverse survey system
Satisfaction survey system through motion recognition in the field
Metaverse system using avatar tokenization
Metaverse system for managing the history of e-wallet-based avatars
Survey system for in-depth analysis

Technological Roadmap

SoT Digital Asset Sale

FingeRate 2.0 Platform Development

  • Web platform development and Launch
  • 10,000 SoT
  • Model house configuration

OpenSea Integration

  • SoT Smart Contract Development
  • Creating FingeRate SoT Collection
  • Minting 100 SOTs and uploading to OpenSea

Start of SoT Service

Start of SoT Survey & Satisfaction Service

  • Public poll system development
  • Satisfaction survey AR system development and testing
  • FingeRate2.0 app development

SoT Meeting Room

  • Meeting Room Configuration
  • Meeting Room Development
  • Service Testing

SoT Marketplace

  • FingeRate2.0 App Marketplace Planning and Development
  • Interworking with Marketplace Item NFT

Blockchain Advancement

Smart Contract

  • Survey Exchange System
  • Real-time Revenue Settlement
  • SOT Valuation System

Native Mainnet Development

  • Mainnet Development
  • DeFi Service
  • Building Own Blockchain Ecosystem

Introduction of Deep research & AI

Introduction of Deep Research

  • Survey deep research implementation
  • deep research-based survey service launch
  • deep research API implementation

Introduction of AI Survey

  • Automating Survey
  • Adopting Qualitative AI
  • Generating Draft Analytical Reports

Deep Research & AI Enhancement

Enhancing Deep Reaserch

  • Survey Deep Research Enhancement
  • Initiation of AI Survey Based on Deep Research
  • Deep Research API Sales

Enhancing AI Survey

  • Automating Survey
  • Enhancing Qualitative AI
  • Fully Automatic Generation of Analytical Reports