What is SoT

SoT (Satisfaction of Things) is a research & survey device in FingeRate metaverse that maps the real world. Each SoT is installed at intervals of 300m~500m and comes with a meeting room.

SoT virtual terminal with example of survey on the screen

How the system works

  1. Survey requesters can run a survey on any SoT device they want, and the survey participants will be rewarded for participating in the survey.
  2. Users can participate in surveys through SoTs available at their current location
  3. Survey participants will be rewarded with SoM (SoT mileage) after completing the survey. SoM can be used to upgrade your avatar or purchase various items & services from the Marketplace.


SoT Owner

Generating revenue from the SoT devices
Resellable at a higher price

Survey Participants

Earning SoM as rewards for survey participation
More fun and engaging survey experience

Survey Requester

Possible to retrieve survey data disaggregated into target, region, etc.
Secure survey system based on smart contract

Upgrading from Gen 1.0 to Gen 2.0

Gen 1.0: Offline SoT
Gen 2.0: Metaverse SoT
  • Suvery (i.e., polling, satisfaction rating) solution
  • SoTs installed at tourist spots recognize the level of satisfation indicated by users/visitors with showing their fingers as a data value
  • FingeRate 1.0 displays the aggregated data and analysis of the satisfication level accessed through SoTs
  • Location-based survey (i.e., polling and satisfaction rating) solution
  • SOTs minted as NFTs / Participation in polling and satisfaction surveys based on a user's location
  • Implemented on FingeRate 2.0 web platform
  • AI image analysis
  • Face recognition and motion detection technology for reliable satisfaction data collection
  • Location based service
  • Automated profit distribution through NFTs and smart contracts
  • Big data analysis
  • Offline satisfaction survey system through motion recognition
  • Location based survey system on metaverse
  • Offline mileage payment system based on virtual currency
  • FingeRate 1.0(App)
  • Location-based service technology, satisfaction analysis technology
  • Android version in service
  • FingeRate 2.0(App / Web)
  • Android, Apple, Web Browser
  • NFT (ERC-721 Token)