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Survey × Metaverse = FingeRate

Join the FingeRate community and experience the future of surveys! Earn rewards by participating in engaging activities and surveys without face-to-face interactions. Our platform allows you to easily run surveys, participate in them, and be rewarded for it. Sign up now to redeem your rewards and be a part of our growing community!

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Earn unique rewards worldwide by accessing surveys directly on the metaverse. Join now and expand your earning potential beyond geographical limits!


Use FingeRate ecosystem for ultimate control. FingeRate app, Bot & MSOT Tokens help reach goals and create seamless digital experiences. Discover its power today!


Earn rewards effortlessly by participating in surveys within the FingeRate Ecosystem. You'll have access to a variety of rewards, including SoM simply by sharing your opinions.

Smartphone with the logo of FingeRate on its screen


  • Access the metaverse. Answer and create surveys. Earn rewards

  • Access real-time data and make informed decisions

  • Personalize your experience: create your own avatar and make it stand out

  • Join a growing community and voice your opinion

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  • Launch of FingeRate on desktop and web platforms.

  • Implement new features and services, such as advanced analytics and data visualization tools.

  • Expand partnerships with businesses and organizations to increase the reach and impact of FingeRate surveys.

  • Continue research and development of the FingeRate metaverse mainnet.


  • Expansion into new markets and regions, including Asia and Europe.

  • Implement artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to improve survey targeting and accuracy.

  • Launch of additional tools and services for businesses, including consulting and advisory services.

  • Testing and refinement of the FingeRate metaverse mainnet.


  • Further expansion into global markets, including Latin America and Africa.

  • Launch of a decentralized version of FingerRate, using blockchain technology to increase security and transparency.

  • Launch of the FingeRate metaverse mainnet, allowing for increased scalability, interoperability, and decentralization.

  • Continued development and innovation to maintain FingeRate's position as a leader in the metaverse survey industry.


  • Launch of FingeRate metaverse app on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • Expand survey offerings and user base by targeting specific industries and demographics.

  • Begin development of additional features and services, including avatar customization and a marketplace for redeeming rewards.

  • Research and development of a mainnet for the FingeRate metaverse.

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