Blurred map with mission locations

Connect, Visit, Earn
Missions are now available on the FingeRate App

FingeRate App screen with quest location on the map

Discover the latest addition to the FingeRate App: Missions! Now available, these missions add a new dimension to your FingeRate experience and your earnings!

FingeRate App screen with quest details

Visit specific places and collect all the stamps to complete the missions.

FingeRate App screen with quest reward

Complete missions to earn extra and unique rewards! Start today and make your experience as rewarding as possible!


How can access my missions?
You can access your missions directly on the map! Simply go to the new tab located next to the daily check tab!
How do I get a stamp?
You can earn a stamp by taking a survey on a specific Virtual Bot. Look for Virtual Bots with active missions; they are recognizable by their unique visuals!
I took a survey but did not get a stamp. What shall I do?
If you’re sure that you took a survey on the right Virtual Bot, then you can contact us and we’ll get back to you!
Why are there currently no missions available in my country?
We're sorry that there are no missions available in your country at the moment. However, we're working hard to expand our reach! If you have any ideas for missions or would like to share feedback with us, please feel free to contact us.

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