Our People

Meet the people behind FingeRate and its unique ecosystem!

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Our Core Team

We bring a wealth of experience, all sprinkled with passion

When It All Started

Back in 2019, our founders Seung-soo Han and Young-kun Kim noticed that there was a need for solutions that would facilitate data gathering in the tourist sector. After digging deeper and building a passionate team, they discovered the power of AI and created the first FingeRate Bot.

Fast forward three years to the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the FingeRate team expanded their ecosystem by introducing a groundbreaking app. This innovative metaverse application allows users to participate in surveys and earn rewards.

Today, the FingeRate team is setting its sights on reaching new heights, aiming to provide exceptional services and innovative solutions.

FingeRate Logo v.1
FingeRate Logo v.1

They Work With Us

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