Our People

Meet the people behind FingeRate and its unique ecosystem!

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Our Core Team

We bring a wealth of experience, all sprinkled with passion

When It All Started

Back in 2019, our founders Seung-soo Han and Young-kun Kim noticed that there was a need for solutions that would facilitate data gathering in the tourist sector. Within a few months, the passionate team brought to life the first FingeRate Bot.

The team recognized the need for a digital solution to assist business communities with key insights, directly from people stuck at home. This led to the development of the FingeRate app and the subsequent expansion of our ecosystem.

Today, the FingeRate ecosystem is reaching new heights with over 10,000 downloads on iOS and Android, a stable coin, and several FingeRate Bots dotted all over South Korea.

FingeRate Logo v.1
FingeRate Logo v.1

They Work With Us