5 Tips to Craft the Best Surveys with FingeRate

As you all know, surveys are one of the most efficient tools to collect information and first-party data. But in our digital world, it’s not always that easy to get noticed in the sea of data and other aggressive marketing actions. 

Yes, crafting a survey can be time consuming and expensive, especially when you don’t know if your target will see it, and if it will answer it! In fact, 40% of the surveys on smartphones are not even opened by the users. But with FingeRate, we can help you reach your goal not only thanks to our services but also with those 5 tips!

1. You need to catch the curiosity of the users!

When it comes to your surveys, you should start with the most interesting question at the beginning. A question that can make the users want to answer it right away because he/she knows the answer. 

Basically, you want to spark curiosity, trigger an emotional response, or make the respondent feel good about sharing their opinion. This sets a positive tone for the rest of the survey and encourages engagement. And that’s exactly what you want!

2. Show your brand identity through your surveys!

A survey is a bit like a window to your organization! This is why you should play with your brand’s colors, logo, and overall voice! Keep it consistent with your website, your product/service, and any other communication channels you use. Not only does this create a cohesive brand experience, but also makes your survey interesting! 

As a matter of fact, 94% of people stay on a survey if they like the design.

3. Show your interest!

This seems obvious yet you would be surprised! The respondents are more likely to engage with your survey if they feel like you genuinely care about their opinions. 

Start by crafting a warm and friendly introduction that explains the purpose of the survey and why their feedback is valuable. Throughout the survey, use language that is empathetic and shows appreciation for their time and input. This shows that you’re not just collecting data, but actively listening to their individual needs and preferences.

4. Be friendly!

There is nothing worse than an informal and boring survey which looks like any other survey! Try to use words relevant to your target to connect with them. You can also use humor in your questions, but be careful with it, not everything can be made fun of! 

5. Make their efforts worth it!

The survey respondents are taking time out of their day to provide you with valuable feedback, so make sure their efforts are worthwhile. So consider offering incentives such as discounts, freebies, or coupons. Let them know upfront what they will receive in return for their participation to motivate them to complete the survey.

And with FingeRate App (available on iOS and Android), we’ve made sure to give you the right tools to craft the best surveys out there and reach a large pool of potential participants. Our platform integrates rewards, removing the burden from you and ensuring that your respondents feel appreciated for their time and effort. The best part? It’s available now on fingerate.world!

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