Case Study: FingeRate Bot at YBM Gangnam

With the widespread availability of our solution, FingeRate Bot, we have embarked on a journey of collaboration with numerous partners. Since our founding, our primary goal has always been to offer unparalleled service and raise the user experience to new heights. In this case study, we explore our collaboration with YBN Inc., the pioneer of English education in South Korea.

Group of people in front of a FingeRate Bot installed at YBM

YBM Inc. At A Glance

YBM Inc. is the largest language education institution in South Korea, holding the distinction of being the country’s most prominent institution in this field. With a rich history deeply intertwined with English education in the nation, the company has played a pivotal role in popularizing and disseminating English proficiency across the country.

Today, YBM Inc. is recognized around the globe for the quality of its services and has branched out into other languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and other countries.

Recognizing the significance of visitor feedback, the company has partnered with GG56 Ltd. to implement a FingeRate Bot on the first floor of their main building in the bustling Gangnam area. This advanced system collects and analyzes visitor feedback in real-time, enabling the company to gain valuable insights and deliver an exceptional experience to their visitors.

Our Solution

To address YBM Inc.’s challenges, we introduced the FingeRate Bot, an advanced contactless survey solution. The bot interacted directly with visitors, asking close-ended questions that efficiently gathered data without disrupting their experience. It ensured a seamless data collection process and significantly increased the likelihood of obtaining valuable responses.

The FingeRate Bot offered our partner access to real-time data through an intuitive dashboard. This feature enabled the company to stay up-to-date with the latest insights, allowing for immediate analysis and quick decision-making. The dashboard provided a comprehensive overview of visitor trends, survey results, and additional actionable insights.

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