Embracing Artistic Diversity: FingeRate X Deep Crew #02

Following the overwhelming success and positive reception of FingeRate X Deep Crew #01, FingeRate and Deep Crew decided to collaborate once. Building upon the joy and interest generated by the previous exhibition, this collaborative effort proved to be an even more remarkable experience for art enthusiasts. The collective happiness of visitors, Deep Crew, and our team has made this collaboration even more meaningful than we initially expected. Incorporating a fusion of NFT and digital arts, the exhibition aimed to offer visitors a unique and immersive artistic journey.

Who is Behind Deep Crew?

For FingeRate X Deep Crew #02, we collaborated with 10 talented artists from Deep Crew, namely JHEE, Yakgwa, DuckYou18, Joon_record, Drink LiNE, OBTI, KIMKO, NULL US, illustDA, and Wilson.pairs. Each artist brought their distinctive perspective and artistic prowess to the exhibition, resulting in a diverse and captivating showcase.

Deep Crew, as an artistic collective, immerses themselves deeply in their work, displaying a profound desire for art. Continuously engaged in new planning and artistic activities, they push the boundaries of their creative expressions. The group frequently organizes group exhibitions with unique concepts, showcasing their artistic versatility. Notably, their first exhibition, “Magic of Real Spaces: Deep Space & Deep Sea” captivated audiences with its exploration of the mystical and awe-inspiring realms of deep space and the deep sea.

Thank You!

The exhibition received tremendous love and support from art enthusiasts, who were particularly fascinated by both physical and digital artworks. Especially the integration of NFTs and artworks garnered significant interest, reflecting the evolving landscape of artistic expression. FingeRate was thrilled to witness the audience’s curiosity and passion for art, as well as their engagement with the FingeRate experience.

FingeRate extends heartfelt gratitude to the artists who showcased their remarkable artworks in the FingeRate X. Their talent and creativity enriched the showcase, offering visitors a diverse and immersive artistic experience. FingeRate also extends its appreciation to the visitors for their continued interest and passion for art, as well as their enthusiastic exploration of the FingeRate. As FingeRate continues to evolve, it eagerly looks forward to fostering more opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts to come together.

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