Escaping into the World of Cinema: FingeRate X EUNBONG Exhibition

The FingeRate X EUNBONG exhibition marked a significant milestone for both FingeRate and the talented artist EUNBONG. This exhibition was extremely important as it was EUNBONG’s first solo showcase, and FingeRate was honored to provide a venue for such a meaningful and precious event. It created a unique and memorable experience for all involved. Centered around the theme of movies, the exhibition titled “Montage, escape from film: movie illustration exhibition” primarily featured artworks inspired by the works of Tim Burton. The unique fusion of horror-inspired illustrations, the captivating world of movies, and the immersive FingeRate brand experience created a memorable and enchanting atmosphere for visitors.

About The Artist

Eunbong Yang, renowned as a horror artist and illustrator, tells the captivating story of her character, VOO, a voodoo doll. With a desire to shed light on the world from the perspective of seemingly powerless beings that we often overlook, EUNBONG has been narrating the tales of VOO since 2007. Her journey has led her to publish two picture books, a horror coloring book featuring VOO, and create various art goods. She has also contributed to genre icon designs for the annual ‘Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival’ in Korea. Currently, EUNBONG is working on a creative picture book that tells her own story. Her artistic endeavors encompass a wide range of illustration projects, spanning picture books, movies, and TV shows, with a primary focus on children’s picture book illustrations.

Thank You for Your Support

The FingeRate X EUNBONG exhibition received remarkable support from FingeRate X visitors and EUNBONG’s devoted fans. Within just a few days, around 200 people visited FingeRate X to immerse themselves in the remarkable artworks on display. Moreover, FingeRate received numerous gifts and presents from across Korea for EUNBONG, reflecting the deep appreciation for her talent and contributions to the artistic realm. The exhibition also welcomed esteemed guests, including Korean movie directors, renowned artists, influencers, and global fans from various countries.

The delight and joy that FingeRate experienced by providing a meaningful space for such a talented artist, alongside the opportunity for special visitors to appreciate the captivating artworks, are truly immeasurable. Once again, FingeRate extends heartfelt thanks to EUNBONG Yang for joining in this exceptional collaboration. Special gratitude is also extended to the movie agencies that showed interest in the exhibition, as well as the movie directors who graced the event with their presence. Furthermore, a big thank you goes out to the global fans who took time out of their busy schedules in Korea to visit, enjoy the artworks, and experience the FingeRate brand.

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