Exploring the Intersection of Art and Metaverse: FingeRate X Deep Crew #01

At FingeRate, we believe in the power of the metaverse to amplify everyday thoughts and experiences. It is within this virtual realm that we can share and expand our individual perspectives, ultimately leading to changes in our world. It is why FingeRate opened its lounge to Korean artists, offering them a space to freely express and showcase their ideas, while also creating a meaningful experience for our visitors.

This collaboration served as a platform for both artists and visitors to explore the possibilities of artistic expression, while immersing themselves in the FingeRate brand and experiencing our main services, the FingeRate app and FingeRate Bot. The inaugural exhibition at FingeRate X featured the artistic talents of two members from the Deep Crew artist group: Mothfly and HAchi. Both artists captivated visitors with their distinctive styles and thought-provoking creations.

Mothfly, one of the featured artists, describes his artistic process as a manifestation of his conscious and unconscious thoughts. His artworks beautifully blend his memories, cherished clichés, and personal inclinations. Through keen observation and meticulous organization, Mothfly creates a captivating fusion of elements from his daily life. Notably, he also embraces the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) artworks, showcasing his versatility as an artist.

HAchi, the other artist in the exhibition, explores abstract paintings and illustrations. As an NFT artist, he has established multiple collections with unique concepts. One of his notable collections is titled “7 Hell Worlds.” Within this collection, HAchi invites viewers to explore a reincarnated existence within the Web3 universe. The collection serves as a gateway to a journey filled with wonder, introspection, and limitless possibilities.

A group of people, including the Korean artists HAchi and Mothfly, taking a picture during the first exhibition FingeRate X.

The FingeRate X exhibition garnered tremendous interest, drawing in art enthusiasts and intrigued visitors alike. In just a few days, over 220 individuals were captivated by the unique artworks and the immersive environment created by FingeRate. Visitors had the opportunity to not only appreciate the thought-provoking pieces but also explore the FingeRate brand.

FingeRate X extends its heartfelt gratitude to the talented artists, Mothfly and HAchi. FingeRate also expresses sincere appreciation to the visitors who showed their support, embraced the experience, and enjoyed the services provided. Witnessing the joy and delight that filled FingeRate X was truly exciting, reaffirming the platform’s commitment to fostering collaborations with artists and creating memorable experiences for all.

Moving forward, FingeRate eagerly anticipates future collaborations with artists who share their passion for innovation and creativity.

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