GG56 at the IFF Annual Conference of 2023

On October 20th, 2023, a delegation comprising key figures from GG56 Korea Ltd. participated in the 20th International Finance Forum (IFF) Annual Conference held in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. Led by our founders, Han Seung-soo and Kim Young-kun, this event marked a significant milestone for our activities in China and the development of our subsidiary’s project: Global Green Finance Center (GGFC).

In addition to attending the Opening Ceremony and other related activities, the GG56 delegation conducted a site visit to the future location of the GGFC. During the visit, they gained a deeper understanding of the project’s potential and the challenges. Furthermore, they engaged in discussions with potential investors, including Hwapyung Capital Investment and Jeongjun Group (Guangzhou). Additionally. strategic discussions were held to explore potential collaborative ventures with key partners, with a specific emphasis on formulating strategies for the seamless integration of the FingeRate ecosystem in the Chinese market.

The GG56 delegation’s participation in the IFF Annual Conference exemplifies our commitment to fostering international collaborations, fortifying our position as a global company, and contributing to the sustainable development goals of GG56 Korea and our partners.

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