GG56 collaborates with Rokkenya and DoubleChain

Gangnam, Seoul, Date: December 18, 2023 – In a significant move set to dynamize the blockchain industry, GG56 Korea and Rokkenya have inked a Letter of Intent (LOI) to collaborate on the development of the project.

The signing ceremony, held in the bustling district of Gangnam, Seoul, marked a confluence of visions between two industry leaders. This alliance aims to leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to drive innovation and sustainable growth in the Labuan project.

During the discussions, Young-kun Kim, CEO of GG56 Korea, and Saburo Morishita, the visionary CEO of Rokkenya, delved deep into the latest industry trends, setting the stage for advancements in the future.

Beyond the Labuan project, the two CEOs also explored other potential areas of collaboration, underscoring their commitment to fostering a synergy that transcends traditional boundaries.

For more details on this partnership, please contact:

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