GG56’s CEO Takes Center Stage at the Special Autonomy Era Tourism Symposium

In a recent event held in Gangwon Special Autonomous City, a compelling case for in-depth consideration of shifting the “tourism paradigm” through the 3rd amendment of the Gangwon Special Law was put forth. Gangwon Special Autonomous Province, along with Gangwon Tourism Foundation and Gangwon Ilbo, convened the “Special Autonomy Era Tourism Symposium” on November 2, 2023.

Titled “Challenges for a Resurgent Gangwon Tourism in the Special Autonomy Era,” it was organized with the objective of charting new strategies for the advancement of Gangwon’s tourism sector post-COVID-19. Along with other key experts, Kim Young-gun was invited to share his expertise and insights with the audience.

Photo of GG56 CEO and co-founder, Kim Young-kun, during the vent co-hosted by Gangwon Province, 강원일보, and Gangwon Tourism Foundation.

Kim Young-gun, CEO of GG56 Korea, emphasized the importance of sustainability in the tourism big data industry. He stated that the sustainability of collected data is crucial, and big data in tourism relies on three key elements: resources, technology, and human resources. While technology is often the focal point of discussions about big data, resources and human resources are equally vital. Resources refer to data, and there are different ways to obtain it, including purchasing it. The value of data keeps rising, therefore securing resources comes first. Second is human resources, followed by the incorporation of technology.

Mr. Kim asserted that Gangwon Province holds the most valuable tourism data, yet it is rarely used. To leverage big data analysis effectively, there must be a clear purpose in mind. For example, to boost revisits and increased spending even in the off-peak season, a clear objective should be set. It’s necessary to collect structured data and create a system for sustainable data development. He called for the assertion of data sovereignty for Gangwon Special Autonomous Province and urged the province to obtain data from external organizations such as card companies, telecom companies, and portals, as the current model has its limitations.

For more information about the event, you can directly refer to the following article and video: [Kwnews] & [YouTube Video]

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