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FingeRate: One App, One Token, One Ecosystem

MSOT Token is directly used to navigate the FingeRate Ecosystem. It provides users with various rewards, while creating a world of opportunities.

It is built on a secure and transparent blockchain network, ensuring that the best functionalities are available to users while maintaining a high level of security and trust.

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FingeRate Ecosystem Roadmap

Witness the evolution of our ecosystem through game-changing upgrades and tailored functionalities, as we push the boundaries to deliver an unparalleled experience for our users.


  • Designed the web and Metaverse platform
  • Blueprint for 10,000 virtual bots
  • Mined 1,000 virtual bots and uploaded them on OpenSea MarketPlace
  • Token Swap from BTour to MSOT


  • FingeRate app 2.0 development design and planning
  • FingeRate app marketplace planning
  • Planning for FingeRate Bot advanced version development


  • Official rebranding of FingeRate from BTour Chain
  • FingeRate app official launch in South Korea targeting local market
  • Upgraded version of FingeRate Bot with improved AI and data accuracy
  • FingeRate app reward system implantation
  • Listing on Korean exchanges


  • Wallet, block explorer, and dApp functionalities to strengthen the blockchain ecosystem
  • Mainnet development
  • Development of AI deep research services for FR Bot
  • FingeRate app official launch on the global market
  • FingeRate Bot compatibility with all kinds of kiosks / digital displays


  • AI capabilities for deep research services
  • Sales/licensing of FingeRate Bot API
  • Fully automated generation of reports that analyze survey data